Vladimir Putin Commissions Digitalization of the Electric Power Industry


Vladimir Putin Commissions Digitalization of the Electric Power Industry

In the President's Message to the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin emphasized the need to build a modern infrastructure in the country, to support stable economic development and to improve well-being of individuals.

Vladimir Putin focused on the importance of upgrading the electric power industry using digital technologies.

"We will have to introduce new power generation, storage and transmission technologies. In the next six years, the plan is to raise approx. RUB 1.5 trillion private investments into upgrading the domestic electric power industry. The power industry systems are to be digitalized country-wide.   Using so-called distributed generation, we have to address the problems with the power supply to the remote territories", the President emphasized.

Mr. Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti's General Manager, presented the the digitalization concept of the power industry and the advanced domestic developments already applied to construction of smart networks in Russia to President Vladimir Putin who visited Rosseti's office in November 2017.

The concept underlies the draft strategy of building up the digital power industry to 2030, which was presented at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, where most experts supported the initiative of Rosseti's management.

Picture from kremlin.ru