АКРА assigned the highest credit rating (ААА(RU), with the Stable outlook to Rosseti PJSC


АКРА assigned the highest credit rating (ААА(RU), with the Stable outlook to Rosseti PJSC

On March 2, 2018, AKPA assigned credit rating AAA (RU), with the stable outlook, to Rosseti PJSC under the national scale  

This rating level conforms to the Russian Government's financial liabilities and is the highest under the Agency's rating scale.

When assigning the rating to Rosseti PJSC, AKPA proceeded from such main factors as high systemic significance of the company for the Russian economy, leading positions in the power industry, in particular, the monopolistic position of Rosseti Group in the long-distance segment and the leading positions in the distribution power grid; high business profitability; low debt burden, and its moderate growth against the background of very high liquidity.

With the view to the earlier regulatory changes, availability of the national-scale rating from АКРА expands Rosseti's access to the local capital markets and also confirms the highest credit quality of the company's liabilities.

"Assigning of the maximum credit rating from АКРА is another confirmation that Rosseti is the key link in Russia's entire power industry, the first-rate capital market participant with the highest reliability level. The consistent actions taken by the management to strengthen the financial and economic position of Rosseti Group, its financial and economic policy, approaches to planning, the company's well-defined strategy, the corporate governance system - all these factors, taken together, make the company a truly advanced company and allow the Company to occupy the leading positions in the industry and on the capital markets", commented Egor Prokhorov, Deputy General Director, Finance, at Rosseti PJSC, the event.

The full set of materials published by AKPA is available on the rating agency's official website, www.acra-ratings.ru