“Interregional Distribution Grid Company of North-West”, Joint Stock Company, was founded under the decision of its sole founder - JSC "RAO UES of Russia" (Order No. 153r of Chairman of the Management Board, JSC "RAO UES of Russia",as of 9 December 2004) and registered on 23 December 2004. The Company's charter capital at the moment of its establishment was 10 million rubles and was divided into 100 million ordinary shares.

The IDGC of North-West's initial configuration was approved by JSC "RAO UES of Russia" on 23 April 2004. According to it, the Company's responsibility zone included the distribution grids of the united energy system of the North-West: JSC "Arkhenergo", JSC "Karelenergo", JSC "Kolenergo", JSC "AEK "Komienergo", JSC "Lenenergo", JSC "Novgorodenergo", JSC "Pskovenergo", and JSC "Yantarenergo". Under the decision of JSC "RAO UES of Russia's" Board of Directors as of 27 April 2007, the IDGC of North-West's structure included JSC "Vologdaenergo", which had been earlier a part of IDGC of Centre and North Caucasus, and excluded JSC "Lenenergo".

The JSC "RAO UES of Russia's" Board of Directors at the meeting of 26 October 2007 considered it inexpedient to include JSC "Yantarenergo" in the configuration of one of IDGCs. The JSC "Yantarenergo's" share holding was transferred to JSC "IDGC Holding" (since 08 April 2013 - JSC «Russian Grids») which was established during the completion of the JSC "RAO UES of Russia's" reorganization.

According to Order No.1857-r of the Russian Federation Government as of 19 December 2007, it was decided to form interregional distribution grid companies in the ways stipulated by the Russian Federation laws till 31 December 2008 on the basis of the JSC "RAO UES of Russia's" shares belonging to open joint-stock companies of the power industry and electrification in order to provide the Russian Federation's control over territorial grid organizations' activities.

On 25 December 2007, the JSC "RAO UES of Russia's" Management Board exercising the functions of the IDGC of North-West's general meeting of shareholders, decided to reorganize the Company in the form of a merger of JSC "Arkhenergo", JSC "Vologdaenergo", JSC "AEK Komienergo", JSC "Karelenergo", JSC "Kolenergo", JSC "Novgorodenergo", JSC "Pskovenergo" with it. It was also decided to increase the IDGC of North-West's charter capital by 9,568,700,000 rubles by means of converting shares of seven distribution grid companies and placement of additional ordinary registered shares in the number of 95,687,000,000 pieces at the 0.1 ruble par value.

On 27 December 2007, the IDGC of North-West's Board of Directors made a decision to establish seven branches of the company.

Since 1 April 2008, IDGC of North-West operates as a united operational company. Its structure includes seven branches - "Arkhenergo", "Vologdaenergo", "Karelenergo", "Kolenergo", "Komienergo", “Novgorodenergo", and "Pskovenergo". The IDGC of North-West's Management Board was generated in April 2008.

Since 27 May 2008, the IDGC of North-West's ordinary registered shares were admitted to trading at the RTS stock exchange; since 29 May 2008 - to trading at the MICEX stock exchange. In December 2008, IDGC of North-West passed listing at MICEX. The Company's ordinary registered uncertificated shares were included in the "B" section of the quotation list of securities.On 24.05.2011 the shares of IDGC of the North-West were transferred from Quotation List B of MICEX Stock Exchange, CJSC to Quotation List A (Level 2) of MICEX Stock Exchange, CJSC.

On December 19, 2011, the Company’s shares were excluded from the list of securities admitted for trading in connection with discontinuation of RTS activities. Currently, the Company’s shares are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange and are included in the Level 1 quotation list. Within the framework of the Moscow Stock Exchange listing reform, since June 09, 2014 an updated list of securities admitted for trading has been generated.

From the moment of the formation and till 1 July 2008, the Company was headed by Veniamin Pinhasik. Since 1 July 2008 and till 30 June,  Alexander Kukhmay was the Company's General Director. Since 1 July 2012 - 25 April 2014 Sergey Titov has been elected General Director of the Company. Since 25 April 2014 Alexander Letyagin has been elected acting General Director of the Company. Since 29 July 2014 he has been elected General Director of the Company. Since 11 October 2018 Artyom Pidnik has been elected  General Director of  IDGC of the North-West, PJSC.

On 08 April 2013, Joint-Stock Company “Interregional Distribution Grid Companies Holding” has been officially renamed to be Joint-Stock Company “Russian Grids”.

On July 03, 2015 the Company’s business name changed to be Public Joint-Stock Company “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the North-West”  (IDGC of the North-West, PJSC). On July 03, 2015, a record on state registration of a restated Charter of the Company including the new name was entered in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

The Company's charter capital is 9.5786 billion rubles. 55.38% of the IDGC of North-West's shares belong to  Russian Grids, PJSC