"Rosseti North-West", Public Joint-Stock Company (until July, 3 2015 - Joint-Stock Company) since 1 April 2008 has been operating as a united operational company (earlier, it was a 100 %-affiliated company of RAO UES of Russia). Its structure includes seven branches.

Rosseti North-West was registered in December 2004. Service territory of the company is 1.4 million sq. km with the population of nearby 5.8 million people. The total length of overhead and cable power transmission lines is 177,31 thousand km. Amount of 35 kV substations and those of higher voltage held in the company inventory equals 1 191 pieces; the installed capacity of power transformers of substations is 19,67 thousand MVA.

The authorized capital is RUR 9,5786 billion. 55.38% of the IDGC of Rosseti North-West's shares belong to "Russian Grids", PJSC. 

General Director of Rosseti North-West, PJSC - PIDNIK Artyom Yuryevich.

Rosseti North-West, PJSC carries out their activities within the territories of 7 constituent entities of the Federation located in the North-Western region:  Republic of Karelia, Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk Region, Vologda Region, Murmansk Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region

Company Region area, km2 Population, thousand people
Rosseti North-West
1 409 726 5 746
Rosseti North-West share in the territory of Russia 8.23% 3.9%

The core objective of Rosseti North-West is ensuring efficient management of the distribution grid complex of the seven territories within the North-Western Federal District of Russia.


Performance attributes

PL and CL length S-35 kV and above TS 6-10/0.4 kV Number of employees
km number capacity(MVA) number MVA thousand people
177,31 1 191 19,67 37 239 7 045 15

The Company’s Mission and Strategy 

Within the limits of the tasks set forth by Russia's Energy Strategy to the electric power industry, Rosseti North-West sees its mission in maintenance of reliable and uninterrupted power supplies to consumers, shareholders' stable income by means of efficient management by the distribution grid complex on the basis of uniform conceptual approaches to business dealing.

The Company's strategy is based on the following principles:

  • to increase efficiency of primary activities;
  • to observe interests of all shareholders of Rosseti North-West;
  • to improve corporate governance, increase transparency of financial and economic activities;
  • to create the most comfortable conditions for consumers;
  • to increase the company's social responsibility constantly.

Strategic objectives:

  •    Increasing of the reliability and quality of rendered services;
  •    Improving of operational and investment efficiency
  •    Increase the investment attractiveness;
  •    Increase of energy efficiency and providing innovative development;
  •    Increasing the availability of Grid infrastructure;
  •    Human capital development.

The main reference points for the Rosseti North-West, PJSC to achieve strategic objectives are:

  •    Reducing physical wear and tear of power grid equipment 
  •    Achievement of guaranteed reliability and quality standards of services;
  •    Achievement of  the established level of observability and controllability;
  •    Reduction of operational costs of distribution grid companies;
  •    Reducing the cost of building new capacities reducing losses to the level of developed countries;
  •    Ensuring the level of energy accounting, appropriate for the up-to-date requirements;
  •    Use of products of the highest class of energy efficiency in the production process;
  •    Creation of a reserve of  power grids capacity
  •    Providing distribution network companies by qualified personnel.